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[CMS] - Oniric Visits 4 by Luckery
[CMS] - Oniric Visits 4
Comic Commission for :icondragoniade: Page 4/4

The Dream ended abruptly, the Oniric world vanish, but as the Dragon in the dreams became less Solid, the reality get warped and it's solify in ours, in the end both, the dragon and dragoness have found them for themselves to be close again.


Work was really tiring and it take me a lot of time to finish those pages (Whenever i uploaded a drawing from my to do list and not a commission, was because i finished a Page, it's a nice way to indicate how i'm advancing them, and let me don't left the to do list aside). It was interesting, I wish i'd have to much things on my back, but it was a cute idea.
[CMS] - Oniric Visits 3 by Luckery
[CMS] - Oniric Visits 3
Comic Commission for :icondragoniade: Page 3/4

Dreams keep changing and the reality bend at their will, But the slumber it's getting to and end, the change have raised a climax, the sleeper should wake up.
[CMS] - Oniric Visits 2 by Luckery
[CMS] - Oniric Visits 2
Comic Commission for :icondragoniade: Page 2/4

The dreams start to change... It's the reality that it's bending the dream, or it's the dream itself becoming a reality?
[CMS] - Oniric Visits 1 by Luckery
[CMS] - Oniric Visits 1
Comic Commission for :icondragoniade: Page 1 of 4

Night, the time were shadow fall over us, the time were the veil of oniric and reality can't be bend and forced by powerful entities.
That Ape-felling by Luckery
That Ape-felling
Was needing really give me something nice those days for how stressed i was in work, so i used the chance of color the picture i do between my commissions to color this i did for November.

Something fun, jut myself going a bit Surprised after have a big burst of devolving.

Nothing more, Nothing less.
First of All, I'm going to write the Journal in Spanish and then do a translation, since it's easier to me to do one first on my native lenguage.

Spanish Version

Estos días han sido dificiles en mi grupo familiar, puesto que un primo con el cual creci en mi infancia fallecio el sabado producto de un paro Cardiaco. Mi Primo tenia 6 meses más que yo, teniendo la misma edad. Toda esta situación me ha dado mucho por que pensar, y me ha dejado muy quieto en lo que respecta a arte y hablar por Skype, es por eso que quiero dejar una que otro mensaje para ustedes:

1.- Si tienes a alguien que te importa mucho y que hace tiempo que no ves, date un tiempo para hablar con ellos, aunque sea un saludo o un correo a la antigua. Esto lo tengo en mente desde que fallecio mi abuelo, en donde cada vez que se me da la oportunidad le demuestro a mis familiares más viejos cuanto significan para mi. Ademas mis amigos más cercanos saben lo afectivo que soy con ellos. Pero aun así les quiero decir a ustedes que no se olviden de sus seres queridos o aquellas personas que quieran mucho o que sean importante para ustedes, viejos o jovenes... No saben que puede pesar.

2.- Mi primo, no era obeso, era grande. Sin embargo, no se cuidaba mucho su salud. Era fiestero, lo que no tiene nada de malo, fumaba, tomaba, pero nunca se percato de su presion, y fue que tenia que hacerse examenes médicos para irse a vivir a canada que le detectaron una presion de 160. Información que llego tarde, puesto que a la semana despues de que empezo a cuidarse, dejar de fumar, dejar de lado de a poco estas cosas... Su corazón no Aguanto.

A que voy con esto? Muchos saben que me gusta el dibujar Chubbies and Fatfurs. Pero de igual manera me cuido, en ciertos aspectos; solo me falta hacer más ejercicio, disminuir mi masa estomacal (a pesar de que me guste) y dejar un poco el Cafe para poder decir que cumplo con una buena salud cardiaca. Pero en esta comunidad hay personas que le gusta mucho los Chubby/Weight gain/fatfurs, etc. Y quieren ser como sus personajes, Por favor... Cuiden su salud. No solamente por ustedes, si no por el cariño de los demas.

Eso principalmente, mil disculpas pero tomare un tiempo de dibujar y comisiones por lo que tendre un tiempo afuera en eso.

English Version

Those days have being hard on my family group, since a Cousin which I growth with in my childhood passed away due  heart stroke. My Cousin was 6 motnhs older than I, same Age. All this situation have give me a lot to think about and i have being quite quiet in art as well when talking with people, that is why i want to left some messages for you guys:

1.- If you have someone who you care a lot and you haven't see in a while, give yourself time to talk with them, even if is just a hi or a mail. I do keep this in mind since my Grandparent passed away, so i do have the chance to show my affection to my older familiars and close friends whenever i have the chance. But i still want to say that don't forget to show that importance care to the ones you know before you would regret and things get late. Younger or Older, because you don't know what would happen.

2.- My Cousin, wasn't fat, he was big. Yet, he didn't take a good care of his health. He liked to go to parties, which have nothing wrong. He drink and Smoke, but never take a good care of his pressure, he was going to travel to Canada and thanks to the required medical exams he get detected a pressure of 160. Information that arrived late, a week later since he started to take better of his health, stop smoking, leaving thise things that he didn't care much, his heart didn't hold anymore.

What is my point? A lot of people know i like to draw Chubby fatfur and weight gain tf, But at the same time i try to keep myself in a good health in some aspect, as i just need to start to do more exercises, low my stomachal mass (even if i like it) and left coffee to say than i do keep a good cardiac health. But in this Communiti there is a lot of people who like chubby/Weight gain/Fatfurs, etc that just want to be like your characters as big. Please, Take a good care of your health. Not just for yourself, but for the care of others.

That is, Thousand apologies but i'm gonna left a time to draw, sketch and commission will be on hold for a bit.


Dudo que veas este mensaje, desconozco si eres un Furry. Aun así necesito hechar esto afuera. Eres una Basura de Ser humano, en vez de llamar a la policia o a una ambulancia decidiste vaciar los bolsillos de mi primo y quedarte con sus cosas, robaste en vez de prestar ayuda y lo dejaste tirado en la calle. Tengo tanto odio hacia tí... Tanto Odio... Basura Humana.


Current Residence: Concepcion, Chile.
Operating System: Window XP


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bluestar65 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
it's a real treat to go through your pages, i keep faving your drawings. thanks for sharing them.
hope your mood is going up.
Luckery Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
I'm felling quite better now. I had a really depressive mood that messed with me and a special relationship. I'm glad, that person have being understable and we are trying slowly to get better and progress with my problem of self-hate. 

I'm happy with myself and enjoying all moment so far, which have make me quite progressive toward art, even work feel different.
bluestar65 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

That's something i can understand. 
If faith can move mountains, than certainly faith in oneself. But like most things in life, self-hatred too can have a positive outcome. It's not all bad. When I was young I stuttered a lot, my words came out like i couldn’t speak, leading to an inability to join in. As a result I withdrew in fantasy, began to write and draw. I overcame my stuttering (at least most of the time), but I kept those escape routes. It all made me the man i am.

MCsaurus Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015

Do you point commission or request?
Luckery Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
I'm sorry Mister Saurus, but right now i'm not taking Commission request.
MCsaurus Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Oh. :(
Sonic11110 Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Luckery Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Thanks you!
Lucariofan843 Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday! :D
Luckery Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Thanks you!
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