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Orca Oilment by Luckery
Orca Oilment
This is a Gift for This is a Gift for :iconlaxkitsune: Part of a Small Contest I did on Twitter, He won the first prize, and with it, he won a Oilment that would make his dinner quite special~
"The Box say; To my friend Chef! Thanks for Participate in my contest, hope this Oilment make your dinner specials. Upon reading he starrted to look at the bottle, a green base with a corch of a dolphin, upon smelling directly from the bottle he started to feel funny, the aroma of fish, from the Oil was strong, and somehow make him starting to salivate and think on cooked fishes.

He walked toward the kitchen, felling funnier, his shoes starting to look swollen, all the sound were confusing, he didn't even notice when a loudly sound break the silence of his deep steps, his human feets were quite swollen, the skin starting to look pale. His toes were starting to merge leaving a small membrane in between the two huge, fat toes. He keep walking as his steps keep resounding.

He rubs his belly as his stomach starting to bulge, starting to gain mass, the skin starting to look quite pale and white, the light of the room bounce back against his shinny skin. His clothes starting to feel tighty as his rear fill up and the pants starting to give away. His hips get wider, becoming more blubbery, his walking was slow, his growing hips shaking. His spine starting to expand, getting bigger and rips his pants. Slowly he started to feel different.

He open his eyes and tried to look again the bottle, he looked around as everything was smaller for his point of view. In shock, he notice his body, how his skin was starting to look smooth, white and black. he didn't notice how much he had slobber due the desire to ate fishes, an Urge that he seems will need to satisfy for a while.
[CMS] - Feel the Grooove by Luckery
[CMS] - Feel the Grooove
Commission for :iconburstcoffee:

Seems the new Song he put on his Laptop, get quite deep on him, making him get quite On Character, even forgetting why he is wearing sole odd Clothes. Can you feel the grove? feel the music getting on your head? Feel that special song that make you feel like someone different? ;3
This is the last of the 5 Commission i worked for BurstCoffee, i had fun with it, but honestly i know it wasn't my best. Either way, I did enjoyed doing it.
Unexpected Bulk Potion by Luckery
Unexpected Bulk Potion
Sometimes, when i feel prescriptions and recive recipes i'm a bit Sleepy after my work in the Normal Word and I could do some mess up with the prescription, :iconweremoose: was the last victim of those accidents preparations, i had a long day at work and I didn't noticed that the recipe say "I want to get a Hulk Green Potion", I did a mistake and read Bulk, thinking in green i used some mixup and worked on a Gamorrean potions... What a mess up... I hope he is Okay

"Lance was eager when he received his package on the mail, it was a small box with a lil bottle inside, a manual booklet and information regardless a prescription, and a Hippo quality seal. Happy for receive what he wanted, he was eager to go as the Hulk, a Really well done cosplay for see the new Avanger Movie.

He uncorched the Potion and drink happily, he started to feel inmediatly how his heart starting to beat up, his torax starting to expand and his arms starting to build on muscles, the pleasure of the effect of the potions and how he feel his arms becoming more muscular, the pleasure of him imagining as a really Hulk version of himself was eager him, not letting him notice how his belly, instead of grew abdominals starting to become more bigger and firm. His muscles started to stretch and feel really tighty as they grew and build mass, his skin starting to look green, the hot of the changes were making him perspirate. He started to notice his head funny, his nose was growing and perking, while his nostrils grew bigger. His teeth feel different and the amount of spit he was producing and felling rolling down his chin make him go surprised.

He started to look his, now pig-looking nose, and reply with a gutural voice "What!" followed by a loudly grunt and squeal, his shoes rips revealing a huge feet that stop in the room, the other shoes was starting to constrain again. The bottle he was holding shattered as his hand crushes it in a mix of anger and muscle spasm.

His clothes starting to look like rags of leather as his muscles becoming bigger, he were looking like those bulky gamorrean guards. While he feel strong that wasn't what he wanted, his mind feel more brutish as some IQ get lost on him. He squeal angry and Snort, cleaning the slob from his chin, lips and tusk. As well some mucus comming out from his snout. The changes was Done on him, his voice was more gutural and monters-like

"Agh... Dammit... At least Star Wars comes in December..."
[CMS] - Burning Passion by Luckery
[CMS] - Burning Passion
Commission 4 of 5 for :iconburstcoffee:

While he thought he would look Badass and Evilish with those new Accesory he bought, he never thought it would ignite that Passion to be one of the Greatest Villians ever!
Had a lot of fun working on this commission, I worked on this twice, because my PC overheated and rebotted when i was saving the almost finished version, honestly it give me a chance to make it look even better how i was doing it.
Hog Guardian of Wonders by Luckery
Hog Guardian of Wonders
Gift Commission for Lodoss from FA

This comes based on his last comic commission, after he becomes a Hippo Guardian, the Sun Protector, he needed someone who would be his partner in guarding the wonders as well. And he decided to pic me in his mischeavious call, making me the Hog Guardian of Wonders.

Trapped inside that body i enter in Guardian Mode, angering and using my mystical powers to counter what try to steal from them. For now, i'm mighty hungry.
This it's a follow up of what i have to do, based on my last Journal, based on messages i get from my friends...

A lot of them mentioned that i never should bottle my fellings, that i should go to a profesional and learn to love myself, the problem is that even with the Profesional I bottled things. I keep so many memories blocked, because i feel it was worthless to share them, that i blocked deep inside me.

Right now, i don't have a profesional here were i live, and i really want to start acting properly, and starting to heal as soon i can, for me, for people, for the ones i love... Like the picture i uploaded yesterday, i'm gonna start to unbottle them, to unbottle what frustate me, what cause pain, goiod and bad memories, i'm gonna open the door of all the memories that i have looked deep inside my own darkness, and put those darkness in a pencil, then let them go, fly away far of my head.

I'm doing this for me, for be a better person, for learn that i should let myself be loved... for my friends, and in special... I want to be healthy mindwise, because... yeah...


Current Residence: Concepcion, Chile.
Operating System: Window XP


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bluestar65 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
it's a real treat to go through your pages, i keep faving your drawings. thanks for sharing them.
hope your mood is going up.
Luckery Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
I'm felling quite better now. I had a really depressive mood that messed with me and a special relationship. I'm glad, that person have being understable and we are trying slowly to get better and progress with my problem of self-hate. 

I'm happy with myself and enjoying all moment so far, which have make me quite progressive toward art, even work feel different.
bluestar65 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

That's something i can understand. 
If faith can move mountains, than certainly faith in oneself. But like most things in life, self-hatred too can have a positive outcome. It's not all bad. When I was young I stuttered a lot, my words came out like i couldn’t speak, leading to an inability to join in. As a result I withdrew in fantasy, began to write and draw. I overcame my stuttering (at least most of the time), but I kept those escape routes. It all made me the man i am.

MCsaurus Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015

Do you point commission or request?
Luckery Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
I'm sorry Mister Saurus, but right now i'm not taking Commission request.
MCsaurus Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Oh. :(
Sonic11110 Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Luckery Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Thanks you!
Lucariofan843 Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday! :D
Luckery Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Thanks you!
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